June 5, 2017

Video Recruitment

Here at 3DCV we believe that to be better you have to be different!

In an age where the lonely hearts section of a newspaper has been replaced with apps like Tinder. Pokémon are no longer traded on cards in the playground but caught by adults with augmented reality and dead rappers can now sell out a stadium with the use of VR technology, why has the status of the traditional CV never been questioned?

Over 83% of hiring managers saying that culture fit is the most important factor when recruiting, and understanding the ‘team fit’ is paramount when making a decision (both factors almost impossible to determine through the medium of written word) surely it’s time to reinvent the process?

Our aim, at 3DCV Recruitment, is to ensure that prior to meeting a candidate in person you are given the chance to assess their character as well as their experience. If you’d like to hear more about how video can streamline and improve your recruitment process please get in touch.